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March 23, 2010


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Listed below are links to weblogs that reference 3 lessons you can learn from Nestle's social media mistake and recovery:


John Robbins

Nice Article Shabbir! Thanks for the warning ahead of time as I've now digested my lunch. A great use of visuals throughout this article- I'll be interested to see how this effects traffic on a well researched post. Keep up the great work, cheers.


Great article.


Aw thanks guys!

C M Carter

Interesting headline in there, saying that consumers telling companies what they think is anti social. Oh fuck off. :P

Acai Optimum

thanks so much for yet another great post... always educative... keep it up anyways


Dear Acai spammer,

You do realize that you don't get any SEO benefit by commenting, don't you? Those links are marked with nofollow, and search engines know to ignore them when building trust maps.

But you keep on reading my blog, especially if you find it "educative"

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